With Montreal’s municipal election now in the rear view mirror, Montrealers can now look forward to less traffic, reduced detours and road closures from construction, and a generally easier and quicker way to get around town. And if you believe that, it’s obvious you haven’t lived here long.

Introducing the Montreal 2021 fundraising T-shirt – focusing on what we’ve all had to contend with over the past year. Unexpected and unannounced road closures, endless street repairs, forced detours and u-turns, surprise dead-ends, narrowing streets, and an unavoidable introduction to that most dreaded of all French words -“Barrée”.

Now you can own the shirt that perfectly reflects that reality, whether you’re a motorist, cyclist, or pedestrian, you can now proudly wear your frustration for everyone to see, in the hope that things get better.

Once again this year, proceeds from the sale of the shirts will go to two worthy causes - the Montreal Gazette Xmas Fund, which helps needy Montrealers through a particularly difficult time of the year, AND the Starlight Foundation, which creates priceless memories for seriously ill children and their families.

And if you’re ordering these as a gift (perfect for any ex-Montrealers) your t-shirt should arrive in plenty of time for the holidays. We’ve even included free shipping this year!

So here’s to Montreal, the city we love - where even Waze gets lost.